Research Restart & Recovery Guidelines: COVID-19 & In Person Research Activities (On and Off Campus)

The following updates have been made to the Arts & Science Research Restart & Recovery guidelines and process. For the most up to date guidelines on face-to-face human participant research, international travel, and on-campus research activities, please carefully review the VPRI website.

Pertinent details include:

  • All on-site academic research spaces may now operate at normal occupancy levels without 2m distancing, as long as appropriate masks are worn in addition to any other applicable PPE.
  • A reminder from CPAD 48, new or amended PI research restart plans for any changes to personnel are not required.
  • Approved face-to-face (F2F) human participant research may resume, provided researchers follow the special masking, COVID-19 testing, and Protocol approvals and amendments guidelines. 
  • New Update March 11, 2022: Academic Units and Principal Investigators are no longer required to collect and file signed attestation forms from non-employee trainees conducting in person research activities, inclusive of undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral trainees. 
  • All researchers must have completed their vaccine attestation, including visitors (download off-line paper-based form).
  • Each day, researchers must complete a daily health screening before coming to campus using UCheck
  • Masks are required to be worn in all indoor University spaces. Medical masks are recommended for all. Masks should fit snugly against the face and chin and must fully cover the nose and mouth (details are on the UTogether site).  For further mask guidance, refer also to Ch.6, Table 6.1, PPE, COVID-19, General Workplace Guidelines, ‘GWG’ .
  • Researchers who wish to conduct research at an off-campus site or conduct on-site field research (e.g. Koffler Scientific Reserve, Hart House Farm, Gull Lake) that does not involve any human participant face-to-face (F2F) research components are responsible for following all local public health and third-party location requirements. 
  • Global Affairs Canada has lifted the world-wide advisory to avoid non-essential travel anywhere outside of Canada as of February 28, 2022.
  • If we are required to return to a more restricted research capacity, we will use archived/existing approved PI research restart plans and continue using our existing A&S research restart process (access the platform) for any amendments. 

Questions and concerns should be directed to me at with cc: to Lisa Rumiel, Director, Research Services (