Research Funding Support

The Faculty of Arts & Science provides guidance for external grant submissions. The following resources are available to support eligible researchers through the application preparation and submission process.

Steps to Apply for an External Research Grant

Step 1: Begin creating the grant application following funding agency guidelines and program applications. 

Step 2: Submit near-to-final-draft version of the application to the MRA (My Research Applications) system. This step is necessary to secure U of T institutional approval for submitting the completed application to the funding agency.

Step 3: Submit final completed application. For Tri-Agency and most other Federal grants, please submit through the online funding agency application system. For other grant applications, follow the agency and U of T institutional guidelines which can be found on the Research and Innovation Funding Opportunities Data Base.

Faculty of Arts & Science Tri-Agency Grant Resources

Other Research Grant Resources

Deceptive Publishers

Being associated with a deceptive publisher (or "predatory journals") can lead to financial loss as a result of inappropriate fees, or be harmful to your reputation and that of your institution, even possibly impeding promotion and tenure. The following resources are are designed to help you identify typical practices used by deceptive publishers.


For application preparation support, please contact the Arts & Science Funded Research Officer.