International Programs Faculty FAQ

Who is eligible to participate in Faculty-funded international programs?

Any faculty member with a continuous appointment to the St. George Faculty of Arts & Science.

If I help organize an international activity, am I guaranteed a place in that activity?

No one, regardless of role or previous funding, can be guaranteed a place in an international program or activity. The Faculty reserves the right to determine if a faculty member may participate.

Do I need medical insurance to participate in an international program?

Each person’s situation is unique, so we recommend that you check with your insurance company to see what your coverage is outside of Canada. We strongly recommend that participants consider purchasing comprehensive health insurance for outside Ontario.

What vaccinations do I need to participate in an international program?

Each person’s situation is unique and vaccines are a personal choice. We recommend that participants consult with their health care provider as soon as they know when and where their program is located.

Is there additional funding for international programs if my program goes over the amount provided by the Faculty?

Unfortunately, there is no additional funding available. Please be as accurate as possible in proposing your budget. In particular, be realistic about any proposed fundraising activities. Colleges cannot provide program support after a project has been approved by the Faculty.

How can I ensure a safe and productive international experience?

The University of Toronto has a number of resources to assist faculty members in planning for international travel with students, including the University Framework on Off-Campus Safety which provides over-arching guidelines for all off-campus activities. The following offices work together to provide support for these guidelines:

How can I find out more about Faculty of Arts & Science-funded international programs?

In addition to the information provided on this website, information sessions are offered for each program prior to the application deadline. For details or additional information, please contact us.