Criteria for Selecting Courses

Letters of Permission & Transfer Credit: Criteria for Selecting Courses

Transfer credit is normally only granted for academic credit courses offered through accredited post-secondary institutions.

Some factors taken into consideration during the assessment of courses for transfer credit are:

  • content (must be appropriate for the type of curriculum and programs offered in the Faculty and must not overlap with previous coursework); 
  • level and type of instruction; 
  • credit weight of the course; 
  • academic structure at the host institution; 
  • type of academic program through which the course was taught; 
  • grading system used by the host university. 

Distance Education courses:

  • will be considered for transfer credit subject to departmental approval. 

Restricted Disciplines/Courses:

  • Students requesting transfer credit for courses restricted to specific groups of students as identified in the Faculty of Arts & Science, Registration Handbook & Timetable will only be considered if the student is enrolled in the relevant program at that time. Areas include but are not limited to DRM, RSM, and WDW. 

Language courses:

  • may require an interview with the Departmental Advisor and/or the writing of a placement test upon the completion of the course in order for transfer credit to be assessed. One full level higher than the last examined level must be achieved for transfer credit to be awarded. 


  • will only be considered for transfer credit if the internship is not paid and the student is registered through a recognized post-secondary institution and is issued an official transcript.

Intensive two week summer courses:

  • will be considered for transfer credit as long as they are not language courses, have sufficient contact hours, and carry a course weight equivalent to at least a 0.5 credit at U of T.

Transfer credit is NOT granted:

  • for courses that are pedagogical in nature. Transfer credit is also not granted for coursework more appropriate for programs taught in other Divisions of the University (e.g. graduate studies, nursing, law, and education). 

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