Exploring Foreign Options for Summer

Planning to study outside of North America this summer?* Uncertain whether the institution and/or courses will be recognized for transfer credit? If you have these questions, this site is designed for you!

The Transfer Credit Section (TCS) is providing this service to take some of the uncertainty out of your plans. By completing the information below, the TCS will provide you with information on recognition of the institution and potential transfer credit.  Please note that the TCS will not be reviewing your academic transcript or identifying any of the caveats regarding eligibility of post-admission transfer credit.  It is your responsibility to view the policies associated with post-admission transfer credits.

Note:  As a publicly-funded institution, the University of Toronto refers to The Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD) to assess the risks associated with a particular country. These DFATD country advisories put a country or region into one of four categories:

  1. Exercise normal security precautions.
  2. Exercise a high degree of caution.
  3. Avoid non-essential travel.
  4. Avoid all travel.

The Safety Abroad Guidelines permit all students to go to level 1 and 2 countries. However, travel to countries that fall into levels 3 or 4 is restricted to graduate students and, even in these situations, a student must make a strong case to be granted permission to travel to higher risk destinations under the auspices of the University. Advisories are updated daily and available on the DFATD website

Before you start the Proposed Post-Admission Studies Outside of North America Form (Microsoft Word) you will need the following:

  • Institutional Name (both in the original language and in translation)
  • URL of the Institution
  • Course Name and Code Number (if applicable)
  • Dates of Course
  • Course Weighting
  • Course Syllabus (preference) & corresponding URL
  • Course Description & corresponding URL (though course syllabus is preferred and required by some disciplines)
  • Information on what constitutes a full course load

*For CIE partner institutions equivalency data can be found at Transfer Explorer. We will not be checking into individual courses for partner institutions.

NOTE for Studies in China: If you complete studies in China you will be required to have your transcripts verified by either China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Centre (CDGDC) or China Credentials Verification (CHESICC).

Questions: foreign.summer@utoronto.ca