Rules & Protocol for Deferred Examinations

Please note carefully the fees, the examination period for your deferred examination and the deadline for payment of the deferred examination fee for that examination period.

Deferred Examination Fee

$70.00 for one course, with a $140.00 maximum charge (for two or more courses) for a session. Please pay the fee immediately to avoid cancellation of the deferred examination.

Please observe the payment deadlines carefully.

Examination Period

Payment Deadline

Schedule Posted Online

June 19-26, 2019
May 24, 2019
June 7, 2019
August 15-22, 2019
July 5, 2019
July 26, 2019
December 7-20, 2019
October 4, 2019
November 1, 2019
February 18-21, 2020
January 24, 2020
January 31, 2020
April 6-25, 2020
March 6, 2020
March 20, 2020

Payment Options

  • Debit card – in person at the Office of the Faculty Registrar (Sidney Smith Hall, 100 St. George Street, Room 1006). Please fill out the Deferred Examination Payment Form and bring it with you to the office if you are paying by debit card.

Deferring Payment Temporarily

If you do not have immediate funds to pay the fee, you may arrange to defer the fee temporarily. Contact the Deferred Examinations Assistant at Note, however, that your results will not be released until the fee has been paid.

Cancellation Due to Non-payment of Fee

If you have not paid your fee by the deadline stipulated, the Deferred Examinations Office will cancel your deferred examination. You will not be given a further chance to write the examination. Excuses for missing the deadline will not be accepted. The Faculty Records office will reinstate the original grade (in which you were assigned "0" for the examination) on ROSI and recalculate your GPA. The Records office will notify you of your new GPA and Status.

Online Deferred Examination Schedule

If you have paid the deferred examination fee before the deadline, the Faculty will send an email to your U of T email address with information about where to find your deferred examination schedule. 

Please note that if you are writing a Regular deferred exam you will be able to find the schedule for your exam in the Arts & Science Exam Schedule.

Information Regarding Deferred Examinations

Regular Deferred Examinations

You will write the final examination for the course that will be taught in the academic session indicated in your petition decision. You are advised to audit the course to prepare yourself for the new examination as the instructor may be different from the instructor who taught your course and the content of the new course may be somewhat different from the content of your course. If you cannot audit the course, you are advised to obtain the course outline from the department to inform yourself about the material of the new course. For multi-sectioned courses please see the Department Undergraduate Administrator to advise you on the appropriate section.

Special Deferred Examinations

If you have been informed that you will be writing a "special" examination, the instructor of the course you have taken will prepare an examination based on the course he/she taught. The special deferred examination will be a fair assessment based on the professional judgment of the Professor. If you have questions about the examination, you must contact your instructor/department. Do not contact the Deferred Examinations Assistant, who cannot help you in this matter.

    Important things to note

    Note that the scheduling for deferred examinations can only be completed after the regular examination schedule has been completed. The Examinations and Deferred Examinations Offices try to avoid conflicts in scheduling between regular and special examinations. For this reason, the posting of your deferred examination schedule occurs one to two weeks (depending on the session) after the posting of the regular examination schedule.

    Adjustments to the deferred examination schedule will not be made to suit individual requests. You may need to adjust your personal plans. If you have extraordinary reasons creating a conflict (e.g., court appearance, citizenship hearing) you may have to file a further petition with full documentation through your college registrar.

    If granted permission to write a deferred examination, the Faculty will replace the original grade reported by the department with the notation of "SDF" (Standing Deferred). The grade for the course will be revised and included in the calculation of your GPA on ROSI when the examination is written and a final grade submitted, or if the Faculty cancels your deferred examination due to non-payment of the fee, or if you do not attend the deferred examination. Likewise, your "status" for the session will not reflect this course. Once the SDF is removed, the Faculty will not re-instate the notation.

    SDF & Academic Status: If you have been granted SDF standing in a course(s), your status and course enrolment in the next session could be affected. You should consider your performance in the (incomplete) course(s) and estimate your final grade and standing. If you were performing poorly, you could be placed on "Academic Probation" or on suspension with the completion of both the deferred examination and subsequent course(s) in which you have registered.

    If you have a deferred examination in a pre-requisite course, you must seek the permission of the department requiring the pre-requisite to continue in the course while your standing is still incomplete immediately. The department can exercise the discretion to allow or disallow you to proceed in the course requiring the pre-requisite course. You should not assume that such permission has been granted. Typically, if you are able to demonstrate that you were passing the course with a grade of 60% or better, the department may consider this performance to be acceptable grounds for permission to proceed.

    If you have the notation of SDF on a course and who have earned a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of less than 1.50, you are strongly encouraged by the Faculty to come up with an academic plan for the term/session in which you will be completing the outstanding exam(s). Assess your course load for the subsequent session, and consider lightening your course load by the same credit weight as that of the courses which have deferred exams. The Faculty reserves the right to limit your registration or course load in a subsequent session if you have outstanding academic obligations from a previous term/session. If you find yoruself in this situation you are strongly encouraged to seek academic advising from your College Registrar’s office.

    If you miss a deferred exam for extraordinary reasons, you must petition within five business days of the end of the examination period through your college registrar's office to be granted a further deferral. These requests are not easily granted. The Faculty Records Office will reinstate the ‘SDF’ to your academic record if you are granted a further deferral. You will be required to pay a further fee for each subsequent deferred examination. Students who have the notation of SDF on a course and who have earned a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of less than 1.50 are strongly encouraged by the Faculty to come up with an academic plan for the term/session in which they will be completing the outstanding exam. The Faculty reserves the right to limit registration or course load in a subsequent session for students who have outstanding academic obligations from a previous term/session. Students who find themselves in this situation are strongly encouraged to seek academic advising from their College Registrar’s office.

    If you are a client with Accessibility Services, you are responsible for informing that office of your deferred examination arrangements by the necessary deadlines in order for the representatives of that office to make appropriate accommodations for your examinations. You must contact the Test and Examination Office promptly after you have viewed the date and time of your deferred examination.

    The Faculty is unable to offer Outside Centre examinations and deferred examinations except on an extremely limited basis due to practical considerations and the unsatisfactory consequences of mishaps that have occurred in recent years. If you have extraordinary reasons for being unable to sit an examination on campus, you must seek counselling through your college registrar's office. You may have to petition to defer your examination to another examination period.

    If you file a petition to write an examination at an Outside Centre, you must do so at least three weeks before the beginning of the examination period with full documentation to support your request and with the Outside Centre details (title and status of contact, all contact information). If your request can be accommodated, you will write the examination at the same time as originally scheduled under the supervision of staff at another university, college or educational institution. There is a fee of $30.00 for each examination to be paid to the Faculty of Arts & Science (in addition to the deferred examination fee). You will also be responsible for any additional charges and costs assessed by the hosting institution. There is no guarantee that a request will be approved or that acceptable accommodations can be arranged with the Outside Centre.

    If you become ill at an examination, you must notify the Chief Presiding Officer immediately, sign the Anomaly Form and promptly leave the examination. You cannot do this at the end of the examination or just before the examination ends. The CPO will ask you to sign a form and submit all examination materials. You must seek medical attention immediately. You may then petition through your college registrar's office for another opportunity to write the examination and provide the University of Toronto Verification of Student Illness and Injury Form to support your petition. Having once abandoned an examination, a student should be aware that consideration may not be given again for the same circumstances.


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