Next Steps Conference

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The Next Steps Conference helps students and new graduates build their professional networks, explore a variety of careers and prepare for life after graduation. With a range of speakers, career exploration panels and networking opportunities, Next Steps helps participants explore their options — including those they didn’t even know they had. There will be limited spots available, so access is on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Thank you for making Next Steps 2022 a success! We are looking forward to Next Steps 2023.


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What students are saying

“Listening to the personal stories (successes and failures) told by the panel alumni was very inspiring.”

“I know I feel more connected with alumni and peers. I feel I am part of a supportive community that has many diverse talents to share.”

“I was very inspired by the opening keynote speech. I learned a lot from not just the contents of his speech but the way it was structured and presented. It was even more enjoyable and enlightening to be able to meet and discuss the new learnings with fellow attendees at the reception.”