Indigenous Learning & Knowledge Timeline

A timeline overview of Indigenous learning & knowledge initiatives in the Faculty of Arts & Science.

June 2020

The Decanal Advisory Committee develops five priority recommendations that build on the Faculty's Academic Plan and support implementation of the Calls to Action from the A&S Indigenous Teaching & Learning Working Group.

September 2018

The Faculty of Arts & Science and the Centre for Indigenous Studies jointly appoint an advisor to assist departments, programs and faculty members wishing to integrate Indigenous perspectives within Arts & Science courses.

June 2018

A Decanal Advisory Committee on Indigenous Teaching & Learning is established to review the working group’s report and assess the scope and feasibility of the recommendations.

November 2017 

The Working Group on Indigenous Teaching and Learning completes its work and delivers a report containing 20 calls to action to consider.

July 2017 

The Dean’s International Initiatives Fund and the International Course Module Program – two Arts & Science funding opportunities for students and faculty – are renamed the Dean’s International & Indigenous Initiatives Fund and the International/Indigenous Course Module Program, respectively. The change reflects an expanded definition of international experiences to include partnerships with Indigenous nations.

March 2017

The Indigenous Studies Students Union hosts the first major pow wow at U of T in 20 years.

July 2016

The Faculty establishes the Working Group on Indigenous Teaching and Learning in the Faculty of Arts & Science. The working group is tasked with advising on: i) actions to be taken within Arts & Science; ii) ways to forge interdivisional connections across U of T with respect to curricular and co-curricular opportunities; and iii) recommendations for a response to a report by U of T’s Truth and Reconciliation steering committee.

July 2016

Centre for Aboriginal Initiatives becomes Centre for Indigenous Studies, and the Aboriginal Studies Program is renamed Indigenous Studies.

October 2006

Arts & Science helps establish the Centre for Aboriginal Initiatives, which aims to coordinate all initiatives in Indigenous study at U of T. The Centre draws together the work of the Aboriginal Studies Program, First Nations House and various activities across the university.

July 2000

The Aboriginal Studies Program moves to University College and begins to increase its faculty complement.

September 1994

The Faculty of Arts & Science launches the then-named Aboriginal Studies Program, offering a minor program for undergraduate students. It is the first academic offering of its type at U of T, focusing on the languages, cultures, histories, creativity and well-being of Indigenous Peoples, and on their knowledge and worldviews within Canada and globally.