Current Priorities

To promote our mission to achieve excellence in research and teaching, Arts & Science is focused on six strategic and operational priorities.


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Capitalize on our strengths as a Faculty of Arts and Science:
  • Address shifts in enrolment patterns
  • Develop new opportunities for students to pursue creative combinations of academic programs
  • Create and support research initiatives that build on strengths across as well as within disciplines
  • Explore the possibility of a new Bachelor of Arts and Science degree


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Improve the student experience, inside and outside the classroom:
  • Enhance support for graduate students
  • Support international students
  • Adopt more user-friendly policies and procedures; improve transparency, reduce complexity
  • Build opportunities for experiential learning and career preparation


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Push the boundaries of our research success:
  • Build support for innovative research
  • Seek new funding opportunities
  • Promote faculty recognition
  • Attract agents of transformational change


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Promote diversity and accessibility:
  • Encourage and support diverse perspectives
  • Promote demographic diversity in the Arts & Science community
  • Broaden international recruitment efforts


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Build partnerships with our communities
  • Engage with our local and broader communities through outreach
  • Create new international partnerships
  • Promote partnerships with alumni


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Expand and improve Faculty capital and infrastructure
  • Continue to foster fiscal well-being
  • Develop new building projects to support growth in key areas
  • Continue to renovate and upgrade departmental, teaching, and research spaces
  • Develop IT capabilities needed to support our research and teaching