Vice-Dean, Faculty, Academic Life & Equity

Headshot of Alexie Tcheuyap.

Alexie Tcheuyap

Professor Alexie Tcheuyap joined the University of Toronto in 2006 as an Associate Professor in the Department of French, and was promoted to Professor in 2012. His research interests include African literature and cinema, as well as media studies. He has served as Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies and Chair of the Department. In July 2019, he was appointed Vice-Dean, Faculty, Academic Life & Equity.

Professor Tcheuyap studied at the University of Yaoundé in Cameroon, where he received a BA in Bilingual Studies, a Maîtrise in African Literature and a Doctorat de Troisième Cycle. After moving to Canada, he graduated from Queen’s University with a PhD in French Studies and joined the University of Calgary in 2000 as an Assistant Professor before joining the University of Toronto.

The Vice-Dean, Faculty, Academic Life & Equity works with various partners within the Faculty to manage the human and financial resources that sustain the Faculty’s academic programs and support academic searches, appointments, and reviews. The Vice-Dean also acts on behalf of the Faculty in managing collective agreements, bargaining, and grievances with trade unions and the Faculty Association within the University. Professor Tcheuyap will serve in this role until 2025.

Key Areas of the Portfolio:
  • Faculty issues
  • Faculty development
  • Labour relations

Tel: 416-978-7897