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General Inquiries 416-978-3383

The University of Toronto is committed to recruiting and retaining outstanding faculty and academic staff. 

The Faculty of Arts & Science comprises 29 departments, seven colleges, 45 interdisciplinary centres, schools and institutes, as well as a series of College-based, joint and stand-alone programs. The Academic Human Resources Office provides support and expertise to academic units on the interpretation and application of policies and procedures governing academic appointments.

The Academic Human Resources Office supports Academic Administrators and their staff on the full spectrum of Academic HR matters, including recruitment, appointments, tenure, continuing status, promotion, leaves, workload, PTR and retirement. This office also supports academic units in respect of Research Associates, Senior Research Associates and academic unionized employee groups including Teaching Assistants and Course Instructors (CUPE 3902, Unit 1), Sessional Lecturers and Writing Instructors (CUPE 3902, Unit 3) and Postdoctoral Fellows (CUPE 3902, Unit 5).

If you have any questions or concerns related to the academic staff in your unit, please feel free to contact your Academic Human Resources Officer. To access the Academic HR documents and materials, please visit the Academic HR SharePoint site.

Name Phone/Email Department/Centre/Institute/
General Inquiries



Mikael Swayze – 
Director, Academic HR


  • Academic Human Resources
  • Office of the Dean
Lisa Wilkes
Coordinator, Academic HR,
Equity & Special Projects
  • Comparative Literature, Centre for (CCL)
  • Office of the Dean (DOO)
  • English (ENG)
  • French (FRE)
  • Political Science (POL)
  • Records of Early English Drama (REED)
  • School of Cities (Scities)
  • Slavic Languages and Literatures (SLA)
  • Spanish & Portuguese (SPA)

Zehra Ladak 
Academic Human Resources Officer

  • Anthropology (ANT)
  • Centre for Medieval Studies (CMS)
  • Chemistry (CHM)
  • Classics (CLA)
  • Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies, Centre for (CDTPS)
  • Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (EEB)
  • Economics (ECO)
  • Geography (GGR)
  • Human Biology Program (HMB)
  • Islamic Studies, Institute for (IIS)
  • University College  (UC) & related Programs
  • Women & Gender Studies Institute (WGSI)
  • Woodsworth College (WDW) & related Programs

Madiha Ahmed
(on secondment) –
Academic Human Resources Officer

    Malaika Alex
    Academic Human Resources Officer
    • Computer Science (CSC)
    • East Asian Studies (EAS)
    • German (GER)
    • History (HIS)
    • Indigenous Studies, Centre for (CIS)
    • Italian (ITA)
    • Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy (SGAPP) & related Programs
    • Religion (REL)
    Kim Derrick
    Academic Human Resources Officer
    • Art History (ART)
    • Astronomy & Astrophysics (AST)
    • Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics (CITA)
    • Cell & Systems Biology (CSB)
    • Centre for Jewish Studies (CJS)
    • Dunlap Institute (DI)
    • Ethics, Centre for (ETH)
    • History and Philosophy of Science & Technology, Institute for (IHPST)
    • Impact Centre (IC)
    • Jackman Humanities Institute (JHI)
    • Mathematics (MAT)
    • Near & Middle East Civilizations (NMC)
    • Sociology (SOC)
    • Statistical Sciences (STA)
    Lisa Hansen
    Academic Human Resources Officer 
    • Cinema Studies Institute (CSI)
    • Criminology and Socio-legal Studies (CRM)
    • Diaspora & Transnational Studies, Centre for (CDTS)
    • Earth Sciences (ESS)
    • Industrial Relations & Human Resources, Centre for (CIRHR)
    • Innis College (INN) & related Programs
    • Linguistics (LIN)
    • Mathematical Finance Program (MMF)
    • New College (NEW) & related Programs
    • Philosophy (PHL)
    • Physics (PHY)
    • Psychology (PSY)
    • School of the Environment (ENV)
    Niveca Sivakulam
    Academic Human Resources Assistant
    • General Inquiries

    The University of Toronto is able to realize its teaching, learning and research mission with the support and involvement of our highly capable professional, managerial, administrative and technical staff. The retention and recruitment of excellent staff, in combination with ongoing professional development, are key to our staff having satisfying, progressively more responsible and fully engaged careers at the University of Toronto and enabling them to contribute significantly to the University’s achievement of its goals.

    The Faculty of Arts & Science is committed to recognizing administrative staff as partners in the academic enterprise. The Administrative Human Resource Services Office is responsible for providing a full range of administrative human resource services to Arts & Science academic administrators, managers and staff. We provide information for non-unionized staff employees (Confidential, Professional/Managerial and Advancement professionals) and unionized staff employees (CUPE 3261 Full-Time and Part-Time and United Steelworkers-Staff (USW) Appointed and Casual).

    The Administrative Human Resources group is responsible for providing a full range of human resource services to the Faculty of Arts and Science academic administrators, managers, faculty and staff. If you have questions or concerns related to your employment, please contact your Human Resources Consultant. 

    Name Phone/Email Department/Centre/
    General Inquiries 416-978-7343
    Diana Tiernan
    Director, Administrative HR
    • Human Resources
    • Office of the Dean

    Ellen Brikaras –
    Benefits Officer/
    Human Resources Consultant 

    *Ellen Brikaras provides complete benefits services to the faculty

    • Dictionary of Canadian Biography
    • France et du monde francophone, Centre d'etudes de la
    • French
    • Germanic Languages and Literatures
    • Human Biology Program
    • Medieval Studies, Centre for
    • Office of the Dean 
    • Office of Experiential Learning and Outreach Support
    • Office of Teaching and Learning
    • Statistical Sciences
    Kecha Holland – 
    Human Resources Consultant
    • Biological Timing and Cognition, Centre for
    • Chemistry
    • Faculty Registrar
    • Global Affairs and Public Policy, Munk School of
      • Asian Institute
      • European, Russian and Eurasian Studies, Centre for
      • Dr. David Chu Program in Asia Pacific Studies
      • South Asian Studies, Centre for
      • United States, Centre for the Study of
    • Governance and Curriculum Services
    • Physics
    • Psychology
    • Quantum Information and Quantum Control, Centre for
    • Statistics Canada Research Data Centre, Toronto Region
    • Woodsworth College
    Carol Kayitaba –
    Human Resources Consultant
    • Advancement
    • Anthropology
    • Archaeology Centre
    • Biological Sciences Facility 
    • Cities, School of
    • Communications
    • Impact Centre 
    • Mathematics
    • Office of Research Services
    Ann Yang 
    Human Resources Consultant
    • Art, History of
    • Astronomy and Astrophysics
    • Astronomy and Astrophysics, Dunlap Institute for
    • Cell and Systems Biology
    • Comparative Literature, Centre for
    • Computer Science
    • Diaspora and Transnational Studies, Centre for
    • Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
    • Economics
    • Genome Evolution & Function, Centre for the Analysis of
    • Mathematical Finance Program
    Jennifer Tucker 
    Human Resources Consultant
    • Criminology and Sociolegal Studies, Centre for
    • English
    • Geography
    • History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, Institute for
    • Industrial Relations & HR, Centre for
    • Religion, Study of/Buddhist Studies
    • Slavic Languages and Literatures
    • Sociology
    • Spanish and Portuguese
    • University College
      • Sexual Diversity Studies, Mark S. Bonham, Centre for
    Kimberly Yeh – 
    Human Resources Consultant
    • Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics (CITA)
    • Centre for Jewish Studies, Anne Tanenbaum
    • Classics
    • Drama, Theatre, and Performance Studies, Centre for
    • Earth Sciences
    • Ethics, Centre for
    • Finance
    • Humanities Institute, Jackman
    • Indigenous Studies, Centre for
    • Islamic Studies, Centre for
    • Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations
    • New College
    • Planning and Infrastructure
    Monique Roopanram –
    Human Resources Consultant 
    • Cinema Studies
    • East Asian Studies
    • Environment, School of the
    • History 
    • Innis College
    • Italian Studies
    • Linguistics
    • Philosophy
    • Political Science
    • Office of Partnerships, Community Engagement and Strategic Events
    • Women and Gender Studies Institute
    Alison MacKenzie (on leave)  – 
    Human Resources Consultant
    Kate Salmon –
    Human Resources Assistant

    The Executive Director of Advancement has oversight of two key functions: philanthropy and stakeholder relations in support of the Faculty’s and its units’ academic priorities. To facilitate these efforts, the A&S Advancement team engages in the cultivation and stewardship of lifetime interactions with alumni and friends, raising awareness amongst current and prospective stakeholders about the value of investing in the Faculty.

    Staff have responsibility for fundraising, alumni engagement, advancement communications and special events. The office works collaboratively with the Vice-President, Advancement and the Division of University of Advancement (DUA) to ensure alignment and consistency with the overall goals of the University.

    Name Phone Email
    Catherine Argiropoulos – Associate Director,
    Advancement, New College
    Barbara Ball – Director of Operations 416-946-3118
    Ennis Blentic – Associate Director of Advancement,
    Innis College
    Courtney Boost – Development Associate  416-946-3923
    Alvin Chee – Stewardship Associate 416-946-0518
    Niamh Earls – Senior Development Officer, Legacy and
    Leadership Giving
    Kim Hunt-Rao – Executive Director, Advancement 416-978-0360
    Adam Fox – Senior Advancement Research Officer 416-946-8691
    Monica Hahm – Director of Development,
    Munk School of Global Affairs
    Ramine Haider – Alumni Relations Officer 416-946-8702 
    Sarah Kennedy – Advancement Events Officer 416-946-5937
    TBD  Executive Assistant to the Executive Director, Advancement
    Heather McLean – Director of Development 416-978-1844
    Yvette Lam Senior Development Officer,
    Major Gifts
    TBD – Senior Development Officer, Major Gifts 
    Carlo Siochi – Alumni Relations Officer 416-978-7251
    TBD – Development Associate
    Lanie Treen – Associate Director, Stewardship 416-978-3482
    Jennifer Wells – Manager, Alumni Engagement 416-946-7149
    Emily Wilson – Senior Development Officer,
    Corporate & Foundation Development

    Communications & Public Affairs develops communication plans and strategies to support the strategic goals of the Faculty of Arts & Science. We promote the Faculty’s reputation via internal and external media. Areas of focus include Arts & Science news and media relations, marketing and design, digital content management and website development. Communications leadership and support is also provided for initiatives arising out of the various administrative units within the Dean’s Office.

    We love to tell stories that promote the strengths and achievements of our community. We are audience driven.
    We use listening strategies and integrated and responsive communications to engage and address the needs of our audiences. 

    For general communications inquiries, if you are unsure who to contact:

    For the academic department web project, or for regular scheduled content updates, errors or inquiries related to the Faculty website:

    Name Phone Email
    Sean Bettam – Communications & Media Relations Specialist 416-946-7950
    Lucianna Ciccocioppo  – Director, Advancement Communications 416-978-4697
    Linh Do – Communications Officer, Graphic Design 416-946-7041
    Christine Elias – Associate Director, Communications  416-946-5499
    Dani Giles – Senior Communications & Web Liaison 416-978-6831
    Robyn Godfrey – Director, Student Communications 416-946-7037
    Brenda Hampton – Associate Director, Student Communications
    & Marketing
    Melissa J. Hill – Executive Director, Faculty Communications
    & Public Affairs
    Jovana Jankovic – Staff Writer 416-946-7171
    Sarah Khan – Associate Director, Web & Digital 416-946-7038
    Kaitlin Klaas – Senior Communications & Web Liaison  416-978-4352
    Jocelyn Lagerquist – Communications Officer 416-978-5140
    Sarah MacFarlane – Advancement Writer 416-978-3281
    Michael McKinnon – Associate Director, Advancement Communications 416-978-5121
    Sean McNeely – Advancement Writer 416-978-4691
    Natasha Mendonca – Digital Communications & Social Media Specialist 416-978-8846
    Ryan Perez – Communications Officer
    Lia Quickert – Director, Communications and Media Relations 416-978-5731
    Chris Sasaki – Staff Writer 416-946-7172
    Jackie Shapiro – Communications Officer, Graphic Design 416-946-3773
    Madeline Taylor – Digital Content Coordinator
    Diana Tyszko – Graphic Design Specialist 416- 978-1490
    Alexa Zulak – Staff Writer 416-946-8589

    The Director of Critical Incidents, Safety and Health Awareness serves as the divisional case manager of critical incidents to the senior academic and administrative leadership in the Dean’s Office and across the Faculty's academic and administrative units on matters related to crisis and issues management. Responsibilities include ensuring the comprehensive coordination, development and implementation of Faculty-wide issue management and mental health awareness.

    The Director works closely with the University’s Director of High Risk, the Office of the Vice-President Human Resources and Equity and the Office of the Provost to ensure close collaboration with Central case management of high-risk matters.

    Name Phone Email
    Caroline Rabbat – Director, Critical Incidents, Safety & Health Awareness 416-946-4023

    Experiential Learning and Outreach Support collaborates with academic units and community partners to plan, develop, and implement quality experiential learning initiatives for Arts & Science students. This includes work-integrated learning, career-engaged learning, community-engaged learning, research and international as well as Indigenous-related opportunities. Our staff provide assistance in the areas of program and course design, course delivery, partnership development, student assessment, and program administration, serving as a liaison between Arts & Science academic and administrative units, various institutional offices, and the Office of the Dean.

    Name Email
    General Inquiries
    Vicki Lowes, PhD – Director, Experiential Learning & Outreach Support
    Colin McMahon, PhD – Community Outreach Coordinator
    Ainsley Goldman, MEd – Experiential Learning Educational Developer
    Christine Ovcaric, MA Ed – Experiential Learning Officer (Research & International)

    The Faculty Budget, Planning & Finance Office provides strategic and operational advice on the financial and budget management of the Faculty, as well as internal institutional/Faculty research data. The Office models, plans and implements the Faculty’s operating budget and provides Faculty-wide support and advice on the management of research, restricted and trust funds; financial analyses and forecasting; strategic planning and budget analysis; policy compliance and develops and delivers finance and business training seminars for A&S academic administrators and administrative staff.

    The Faculty Budget, Planning & Finance Office is also the business support unit for the decanal portfolios and provides business support services to all of the Faculty’s units. In addition, the Office provides institutional/Faculty/unit data, analyses and web-based custom visualizations to support academic and strategic planning.

    Name Phone Email
    Yasir Arafat - Financial Assistant, Budgeting (Casual) 416-978-1051
    Horatio Bot – Executive Director, Faculty Budget, Planning & Finance Office 416-978-7412
    Michelle Cadman – Financial Assistant, Business Administration 416-946-3238
    Connie Carrozza – Financial Assistant,
    Business Administration
    Dana Gaiu - Financial Officer, Base Budget        416-946-7295
    Mandy Fung  Faculty Finance & Business Analyst 416-946-3748
    Mustafa Asif Iqbal Khan – Planning & Financial Officer 416-946-7627
    Sandra Ragnatt Jackson – Financial Officer, Faculty Accounts 416-946-7635
    Sangeeta Jeyakumar – Financial Officer, Faculty Administration 416-946-3722
    Candy Lam-Sandico – Faculty Graduate Finance &
    Data Analyst
    Lisa Ann Leung – Senior Finance Officer,
    Base Budget & Financial Operations
    Iris Kun Li – Financial Officer, Faculty Restricted &
    Research Accounting
    Cristina Huerta Marin – Senior Faculty Financial Officer,
    Business Administration
    Carmela Mazin – Director, Financial & Business Analytics 416-978-6482
    Ryan Murray McLean – Financial Assistant,
    Business Administration
    Mubin Merchant – Faculty Finance & Enrollment Analyst 416-978-1133
    TBA – Financial Officer, Business Administration
    Rajesh Krishnan Nair – Senior Financial Officer,
    Financial Analysis
    Melissa O'Dell – Coordinator, Graduate Student Funding 416-978-6991
    Annette Perry – Financial Assistant, Business Administration 416-978-2322
    Alexander Protomanni – Financial Assistant, Restricted &
    Research Accounting
    George Taylor – Director, Faculty Budget & Finance 416-978-5432
    Florence Wu – Faculty Financial Research & Data Analyst 416-978-5414
    Wynne Yeung – Coordinator, Graduate Student Funding 416-978-7904
    Kevin Xinkai Zhang – Financial Officer, Base Budget &
    Academic Appointments
    Catherine Zhao – Budget Support Officer 416-978-3586

    The Faculty’s Health and Safety Advisor is embedded in the Faculty, focused on the needs of the Faculty, but working collaboratively with the University’s central Environmental Health & Safety Office team. This position aims to ensure the Faculty’s compliance with governmental health and safety legislation, as well as the University’s safety policies and standards.

    The Advisor works with administrative leaders to develop a strong health and safety culture across their units. Information dissemination, training sessions, committee participation, incident follow-up and workplace audits are used to foster safety awareness and best practices. The due diligence activities are designed to ensure that the University takes every reasonable precaution to safeguard the health and safety of faculty, students, staff and visitors.

    Name Phone Email
    Christine Weidner – Health & Safety Advisor 416-978-8321

    Faculty IT support is fulfilled by three key groups: 

    • Central University Information Technology Services (ITS) for student, faculty and staff institutional wireless and email ( and enterprise applications.
    • A&S Divisional Information & Instructional Technology (IIT) services including day-to-day support for numerous units in the Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty coordination for organizational technology initiatives and roll-outs such as Office 365, as well as ongoing support for e-Token, VoIP, Quercus (LME) etc.
    • Existing departmental (local) IT support. 

    IT Support Contact Information Summary

    A&S Students:

    A&S Faculty and Staff:

    • General central support: for e-mail ( and institutional wireless support, please contact the Information Commons Help Desk as noted above.
    • Central application support: For ESS, AMS, Student Information Systems/ROSI support visit Enterprise Applications and Solutions Integration (EASI).
    • Faculty support: for all other day to day IT support (your computers, printers, servers etc.), contact your local IT department or Information & Instructional Technology (IIT) at:

    Please note:

    • Faculty-wide E-Token hardware/general support, Quercus (LME) support and VoIP support is provided by IIT.  Feel free to contact us directly verses your local IT department. 
    • If you’re unclear about where to go for help, contact IIT for assistance finding the right support team.  We are happy to help.  

    IIT Contact Information:

    Name Phone Email
    Please reach us by submitting an email for a request or to report an issue 416-946-0570 General:
    IIT Escalation Line: call us for urgent issues/updates 416-946-0570
    IIT Front Desk 416-978-2535
    IIT Lab Help Line 416-946-4357/HELP 
    CHASS Data Centre Administration 416-805-2609
    Sotira Chrisanthidis – Director 416-407-4120
    Lareza Lazuardi – Sr. Manager, Applications & Development 416-460-5445
    Rose O’Higgins – Sr. Manager, Client Services 416-949-2924
    Diana Medeiros – Manager, Product & Delivery Services 416-526-3689
    Priya Murugaiah – Manager, Infrastructure 416-978-8239
    Alicja Wigglesworth – Manager, Education Technology (Teaching Technology Support Team) 416-525-1385
    Thiba Sithiravel – Client Services Operations Lead/ Escalation Contact 416-946-0570
    Natalie Wallace-Schlieffer – IIT Service Delivery Lead 416-523-3980
    John-Carlos Best – Service & Technology Delivery Lead 647-228-5361
    Asif Khan – Service & Technology Delivery Lead 647-382-3151
    Na Young Lee – Administrative Assistant to the Director 416-805-2609

    The Office of Infrastructure Planning is responsible for developing strategic physical space services and solutions such as space planning, design and implementation of renovations and new builds for academic and administrative units within the Faculty. Staff provide leadership, expertise and assistance on a broad range of activities including university facilities planning, design development, project management, and occupancy coordination for renovation and new building projects.

    Preparing space assessments is a core function of the Office: the process is iterative and provides an ideal opportunity to engage units about their space. The final product is a robust document which informs the Office’s project work. Staff liaises with the University’s Facilities Management team to address long-standing concerns to ensure action plans are in place.

    This office collaborates with the many university groups and consultants that have a role in planning and construction, such as Campus and Facilities Planning, Facilities and Services, Project Management, Property Management, Design and Engineering and Environmental Health & Safety and guides the process to ensure coordination between the various groups and achievement of overall project objectives.

    Name Phone Email
    Lucy Chung – Director 416-978-0904
    Lisa Neidrauer – Senior Planner 416-347-4392
    Shannon O’Reilly – Senior Facilities Designer 416-476-3034
    Anna Merotto – Facilities Designer 416-795-2256
    Hibaq Ali – Facilities Designer 416-988-7924
    My Linh Elliott – Facilities Designer 416-427-9372
    Ashley Barrey – Facilities Designer 416-970-3246
    Mariela De Felix – Facilities Designer

    The Office of the Faculty Registrar and Undergraduate Academic Services handles the full range of undergraduate registrar functions for the Faculty: recruitment, admissions, transfer credit, registration, timetabling, room bookings, course enrolment, final exams, final course marks and degree assessment, as well as student success programming. The Office works with the College Registrars and academic units to coordinate student advising and the consistent application of rules and procedures across the Faculty.

    The Faculty Registrar has a broad role to coordinate the implementation of University and Faculty policies, and to facilitate the intersection of our students' academic and co-curricular lives.

    The Faculty Registrar also serves as Secretary to Faculty Council and in that capacity oversees the Faculty Governance and Curriculum Services unit, which is responsible for academic integrity and petitions and appeals, publication of the Faculty’s Calendar and supports Faculty Council and its standing committees (Committee on Admission; Committee on Standing; and the Humanities, Social Sciences and Sciences Curriculum Committees).

    Name Phone Email
    General Inquiries 416-978-3384
    Kathy-Jo Pinder – Associate Director, Scheduling & Examinations 416-978-8808
    Tatiana Dobrovolska – Associate Faculty Registrar,
    Special Projects, Finance and Student Awards
    Lisa Feng – Associate Faculty Registrar & Director,
    Student Recruitment & Admissions
    Martha Harris – Manager, Faculty Governance & Curriculum 416-946-5948
    Thomas MacKay  Director, Faculty Governance & Curriculum Services 416-946-7011
    Erin McMichael – Associate Faculty Registrar & Director, Student Affairs 416-978-3393
    Neil Neebar – Associate Faculty Registrar & Director, Registrar Services 416-978-8555
    Lisa Feng – Interim Faculty Registrar & Director of Undergraduate Academic Services 416-946-4080

    The Office of Research Services supports the growth and expansion of funded research, scholarly and creative activities in Arts & Science. Our goal is to help researchers access the resources and supports that are needed to conduct world-class cutting-edge research, and to promote the research excellence of A&S research community members.

    Name Phone/Email Key Areas of Support 
    General Inquiries & Internal Research Funds


    Christine Yarish – Administrative Coordinator, Research 


    • Assistant to Vice Dean, Research
    Lisa Rumiel – Director of Research Services 


    • Arts & Science Research services, planning, strategy, operations, and initiatives 
    Emma Doran – Funded Research Officer   416-978-5417
    • Key research administration support for all St. George campus Arts & Science faculty members working within the social sciences and humanities disciplines 
    • Grant application development supports and services 
    Monica Caverson – Funded Research Officer 


    • Key research administration support for all St. George campus Arts & Science faculty members working within the natural, applied, life and/or health sciences disciplines 
    • Grant application development supports and services 
    Research Awards Coordinator  
    • Arts & Science lead on major national and international awards and prizes 
    Name Phone Email
    Laura Ferlito – Associate Director, Academic Integrity & Petitions 416-946-0428
    General Inquiries


    The Strategic Partnerships Office (SPO) is a newly-established unit in the Office of the Dean with a mandate to build reciprocal relationships with private sector, public sector and third sector groups, especially cultural agencies. These partnerships are established to advance the teaching, learning and research mission of the Faculty.

    Name Phone Email
    Krista Slade – Director, Strategic Partnerships 416-978-7237

    The Director of Teaching Support & Faculty Development plays a leadership role in designing, administering and managing the activities of the Teaching & Learning Office in support and implementation of strategic Faculty teaching and learning initiatives. The unit also facilitates the growth and transfer of teaching expertise throughout the Faculty.

    The Office provides advice regarding the design, research, development, implementation, evaluation and organization of undergraduate and graduate teaching and learning initiatives and events. The Office also supports the creation, evaluation and implementation of Faculty programs designed to support academic administrators in their roles and more generally improve the academic life of faculty.

    Name Phone Email
    Paola Bohórquez – Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream,
    English Language Learning (ELL)
    Jennifer Evans – Project Coordinator, First-Year Initiatives 416-978-5471
    Leora Freedman – Coordinator, English Language Learning (ELL)/
    Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
    Pam Gravestock – Director, Teaching Support & Faculty Development 416-946-7306
    Thuy Huynh – Senior Project Coordinator, Teaching & Learning 416-946-3890
    Erin Macnab – Assistant Director, Teaching & Learning Initiatives 416-946-3978
    Daniel Newman – Director, Graduate-Level
    Writing Support/Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream

    Philip Rudz – Teaching Support Liaison

    Erin Vearncombe – Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, Writing Integrated Learning (WIT)
    Andrea Williams – Director, Writing Integrated Learning (WIT)/
    Associate Professor, Teaching Stream