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  • Writing Assignments

    • Thesis Statement and Research Paper Assignment(PDF)

      • This assignment is used as the first piece in a scaffolded approach leading to a final research paper. For this assignment, students create an outline of their final research paper, making clear the argument they will present therein, and provide an annotated bibliography of the sources they plan to use in preparing their final paper. This assignment is due at least one month prior to the final assignment, and TAs focus their grading efforts on providing feedback that will serve to guide students in developing their outlines into a strong research paper. This assignment allows the course instructor and TAs to determine problem areas which can then be addressed in office hours or writing tutorials, and it provides students with timely feedback that they can use to improve future work in the course. 

  • Reading Assignments

  • Grading Guides or Rubrics

    • Research Paper Grading Rubric(PDF)

      • Although it is not common to use a grading rubric in philosophy because many feel it to be too constricting, this rubric was designed specifically to increase grading efficiency while allowing for constructive and personal feedback. Many TAs who used it found it to be useful and flexible, and students appreciated having the grading criteria clearly laid out. It was used to grade the final research paper in a course where students had to prepare an earlier thesis statement and research paper assignment (see above), however this rubric can easily be adapted to suit any type of written work.  

  • Lesson Plans for Tutorial or Labs

    • Tutorial Writing Activity - Developing a Clear Thesis Statement(PDF)

      • This is a guide for running a tutorial activity aimed at helping students develop a clear thesis statement. It gives a step-by-step explanation for running the activity, including specific timing options. It can be adapted to suit shorter or longer sessions, however as it currently stands the activity runs approximately 20 mins. It is best used in 1st or 2nd year courses where writing is the most commonly used assessment strategy. 

  • Writing Activities for Class

  • Other Resources

    • Writing a Summary: Tips for Students(PDF)

      • This is a short guide to be used by students when writing a summary. It explains the purpose of a summary, as well as gives them step-by-step instructions for how to go about completing a summary.