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  • Grading Guides or Rubrics

    • A list of features that students need to incorporate into their writing in order for a proof to be considered well-written. It can be used as a guideline for students or a reference for markers.

    • Engaging Students in Writing in Tutorials(PDF)

      • The attached PDF file was the outline of the training sessions held in September 2011. This year I decided to spend less time on issues of grading and more on the question of how to integrate writing instruction into tutorials. The hope is that this will make the grading process easier, since student solutions will be better written. TA feedback on the training sessions suggests that this change was well-received. Some course TAs have tried the suggestions in this document, and have reported success. A slightly modified version (with different examples) was used for the more proof-heavy courses MAT157 and MAT246.

  • Writing Activities for Class