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Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Resources

  • Writing Assignments

    • Sources Assignment

      • This exercise guides students as they learn to read scientific articles. It introduces students to peer review, proper citation of research articles, and summarizing relevant findings.

  • Reading Assignments

  • Grading Guides or Rubrics

    • Proposal Rubric for First Year Proposal Writing Assignment(PDF)

      • TAs in our large undergraduate introductory Ecology and Evolution course use this form to provide feedback to students on both the first and final versions of their iterative writing assignment. After trying many rubric formats, we settled on this one that breaks marks into those skills that we are most interested in - scientific reasoning, communication, support, and the application of concepts. This rubric provides TAs with a mix of guidance and freedom in providing a mark.

    • Reading and Responding to Student Writing Marking Maze(PDF)

      • This handout provides TAs with some advice and guidelines on how to go about providing feedback on student writing.

    • Rules of TA Commenting(PDF)

      • This handout provides TAs with some strategies for responding to student writing, especially in composing comments to put on student papers. We use this handout during TA training.

  • Lesson Plans for Tutorial or Labs

  • Writing Activities for Class