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Criminology Resources

  • Writing Assignments
      • This short presentation introduces students in WDW205 (Introduction to Criminology) to the writing assignment, and provides some general writing instructions. This presentation is suited as a general introduction to writing in the discipline, and familiarizing students with the assignment.
    • Introductory Writing Assignment(PDF)
      • This assignment introduces students to criminology by asking students to apply criminology theories to a case study. The assignment deliberately does not require (although students may choose to do so) students to do outside research since the objective is to get them to apply course concepts to a particular case. In the course that students take after this one, they must conduct outside research.
  • Reading Assignments
  • Grading Guides or Rubrics
      • This document includes the grading criteria and guidelines of the final assignment in WDW205 (Introduction to Criminology), and was handed out to TAs in order to assist them with the grading. The assignment for this class was an applied theory assignment.
    • Tip Sheet for the Introduction Writing Assignment (PDF)
  • Lesson Plans for Tutorial or Labs
    • Training Plan(PDF)
      • This is the training schedule that was used for the WIT TA training in WDW205 (Introduction to Criminology). This training was geared toward a small group of experienced TAs. However, it can be amended to suit the needs of larger groups and/or less experienced TAs. The training includes a number of activities and short presentations.
  • Writing Activities for Class