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Kristin Wilson (2013 - present)

I am in the 4th year of my PhD in psychology. My research involves the exploration of individual differences in attention and working memory and how these differences are related to stable traits, such as personality. How and what we pay attention to constrains the contents of our experience. Our experience impacts how and what we learn and consequently, interacts with genetics in determining how we develop. Personality is the symbiosis of experience and genetics, manifested through patterns in behaviour, predilections, and the decisions we make. As fundamental attributes of who we are, attention and some aspects of personality are likely to be entwined, however, these two features of psychology have largely been explored through separate lines of research. Using behavioural and electrophysiological measure, my work brings these two lines of research together to form a coherent analysis of the relationship between attention and personality.

Over the past 5 years I have been a teaching assistant many times for Introduction to Psychology (PSY100) and Introduction to Cognitive Psychology (PSY270). I deeply enjoy meeting with students and helping them connect with course material and find something in that material that inspires them. Helping students overcome hurdles that interfere with the expression of their ideas in writing is an aspect of pedagogy I am very dedicated to. I am interested in problem-based and team-based learning strategies and am currently trying to bring these strategies into my writing tutorials.

The WIT program is new to psychology this year. As the LWTA I have developed lesson plans and tutorials for Introduction to Social Psychology (PSY220) and Introduction to Cognitive Psychology (PSY270) and have worked with the instructors for these courses on assignment design and marking rubrics. I have also put together a ‘Writing Tips and Strategies’ information sheet, which provides students with common writing hygiene practices and strategies for improving writing productivity.