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Political Science

Kate Korycki (2013 - present)

Kate is researching toward the doctorate in political science. She examines what happens to collective memory when its conflicts collide with, and are conducted through law.

Kate has taught Peace, Conflict and Justice in the Trudeau Centre, and has TA'ed numerous courses at McGill and U of T. Her pedagogical interest concern combining the development of critical thinking with excellent writing capacity.

To that end, as the LWTA in political science she has extended the outreach to all incoming PhDs and other TAs of introductory courses to offer them tools for writing-to-learn instruction to be integrated into all tutorials.

She developed customized low-stakes-writing handouts for each group. One of the most effective exercises consists of series of 3 introductory/thesis paragraph, ranging from excellent to very bad. TAs are asked to identify elements of good/insufficient work, which is then compared with answers prepared by LWTA. This allows the TAs to prepare very course-specific and consistent instruction and marking rubrics for their students.