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Alex Motut (2010 - present)

Alex Motut is a PhD candidate in the Department of Linguistics. Her research interests are in theoretical syntax and the syntax-semantics interface.

She has taught and TA'ed multiple courses in the linguistics department, and has been extensively involved in the WIT program in her department. As LWTA, she has consulted annually on the courses Introduction to Language, English Words, English Grammar, and Language Diversity, to incorporate discipline-specific writing into these courses.

This has included training TAs in writing instruction and evaluation, consulting on syllabus and assignment design to incorporate scaffolded written assignments, developing resources and rubrics for TAs and students around writing in linguistics and preventing plagiarism, running writing workshops for students, and leading moderated marking (or benchmarking) sessions for TAs grading written assignments.

She has also supported the incorporation of low-stakes writing activities in tutorials and lectures to increase student engagement, support classroom learning, and provide feedback to instructors and TAs. She continues to look for new ways to use writing as a tool for learning and engagement, and new methods to help students improve their writing.