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Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Alison Parker (2010 - present)

alison-parker.jpgI'm a pollination biologist and I’m working on determining what characteristics of pollinators are especially important to their value as pollinators, focusing in particular on solitary bees and flies. In addition to my research, I am involved in the department as a TA and as the LWTA, working with course instructors and TAs to design assignments and determine best practices for supporting student writing and scientific thinking.

I focus mainly on our introductory course, BIO120, in which 1,800 students conduct an iterative writing assignment with feedback from TAs. I am especially interested in the role of TAs in developing students’ skills in writing and scientific reasoning through their comments on student work; to that end, I lead workshops for TAs to develop skills in responding to student writing, and am conducting a research project investigating effective commenting.