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Sue Beckwith (2012 - present)

I am a 5th-year PhD student and specialize in the sub-discipline of archaeology. My research is focused on the American Southwest and architecture during the Ancestral Pueblo era. I am constructing 3D computer models of the settlement patterns of Pot Creek in Northern New Mexico in order to understand social interaction within the community and the changes that occurred over time. I have been on excavations in the region and they tend to be very hot, dirty and labour intensive. Yet, it is always very cool to reach for an object in the ground that no other human has touched within several hundred or thousands of years.

This is my second time around in an educational institution. My first undergraduate degree was in business and I am a Chartered Accountant (CA) and spent many years in that field.

I have taught at the university level for many years now with experiences at Trent University and at the University of Toronto both at the St. George campus and at UTM. This is my second year with the WIT program.

The Writing in Tutorial (WIT) program in anthropology has focused primarily upon the main gateway course, ANT 100. This large (1,200 student) course has a team teaching approach with four course instructors: a head TA, an assistant head TA, and about 23 course TAs.

My role as a Lead Writing Teaching Assistant in ANT100 is two-fold; 1) to support and enable the writing initiative in the course and 2) to mentor and to act as a writing teacher trainer for the course TAs. The essay assignment that has been used within ANT 100 for the last several years has been a three-phased scaffolded assignment with opportunities for TA feedback at all three stages.

The WIT program has expanded in recent years within the department to include second year courses. In these courses the emphasis is upon introducing more sophisticated writing strategies, such as paragraph development with topic sentences.