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Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations

WIT has become an integral part of both student education and departmental curricular goals in NMC, benefiting both undergraduates, graduate TAs, and participating instructors. WIT has enabled us to embed thoughtful, structured, and successful writing advances throughout our curriculum. In consultation with the WIT Coordinator, NMC has formally adopted a graduated sequence of writing activities for the four levels of undergraduate courses.

Participating in WIT since 2008
LWTA Jonathan Vroom

WIT has been a catalyst for curriculum mapping for NMC and facilitated our efforts to sequence levels of difficulty in assignments within and across courses. We have focused most of the WIT resources in our gateway courses since these are important courses for teaching students the fundamental competencies of critical reading and writing that they will need to be successful in their programs.

Through WIT we have developed a shared syllabus design across the four gateway courses, which not only facilitates transfer of the courses among faculty, but also planning, communication, and shared learning among the TAs who lead the tutorials, not to mention easier navigation of the courses by undergraduates, since our majors and specialists must take two of the four courses.

 NMC Courses that have participated in WIT:

  • NMC101H
  • NMC102H
  • NMC103H
  • NMC104H
  • NMC273Y