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In linguistics, language is of key importance. Not only is it the object of study, it is the principal medium of study as well, since the discipline progresses primarily by argumentation. In addition to our major and specialist programs, we also offer a minor and several large-enrollment service courses that are taken primarily by minors and by non-linguistics students. 

Participating in WIT since 2009
 Alex Motut

There are three main courses of this type: LIN200F/S - Introduction to Language, LIN203F - English Words, and LIN204S - English Grammar and we have focused WIT resources on LIN200 and LIN204. These are very popular courses which, although they deal with language, involved relatively little writing before WIT involvement.

Many students with English as a second language seek out LIN 203 and LIN 204 in particular because they want to improve their English skills. We believe that it is very important to help students in these courses develop their English writing skills in addition to acquiring knowledge about the grammatical structures and vocabulary of English. WIT has enabled us to include several short writing assignments in both these courses as well as provide opportunities to students practice writing in tutorials.

LIN Courses that have participated in WIT:

  • LIN200H
  • LIN203H
  • LIN204H
  • LIN241H
  • LIN306H