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Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

We have focused WIT resources on our first-year gateway course, BIO120. The writing assignment for BIO120H asks students to develop a hypothesis and propose an experiment to test their hypothesis, using evidence from the scientific literature. Students could consult the BIO120 Library Research Guide, an interactive website to guide them through the process of finding, reading and integrating research articles into their writing. 

Participating in WIT since 2010
LWTA Alison Parker

Each step of this assignment is directly related to the laboratory curriculum so students can apply what they learn in laboratories to develop their proposal. Students submit a first draft to their TA to be graded. Students receive detailed feedback on their draft, giving them the opportunity to improve their proposals before submitting a final draft to be graded by their TA.

We offer training to aid the course TAs in grading the proposals and in supporting students in this process. The Lead Writing TA leads a workshop on how to respond to students’ writing, which includes strategies for composing effective comments and grading efficiently. This workshop is open to the entire department and TAs from other courses participate in the workshop. We also hold benchmarking sessions for both the draft and final proposals in order to clarify the rubric and standardize grading between TAs. 

EEB Courses that have participated in WIT:

  • BIO120H