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We have included our first year course in WIT to maximize impact on students across Arts & Science. In subsequent years, WIT courses are those which are mandatory for all earth science majors and specialists to ensure that students in the department have several opportunities to develop their writing skills through the additional TA support specifically focused on communication and writing skill. 

Participating in WIT since 2008
LWTA Allison Enright

Our rationale is that when students take WIT courses at several stages in their studies, they not only receive consistent feedback, but their skill development as writers goes hand in hand with their development as scientists. That is, as they are better able to communicate geology due to increased knowledge of the field, they also broaden their repertoire as communicators and thinkers.

 ESS Courses that have participated in WIT: 

  • ESS105H
  • ESS241H
  • ESS322H
  • ESS331H
  • ESS491H/492H