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In criminology WIT is focused on two half courses that introduce students to the field: WDW205H (offered in the fall term) and WDW210 (offered in the spring term), which are two of the three required courses for program students. The writing assignments in these courses are intended to help students develop basic analytic writing skills. In the fall course, students write an essay in which they apply a criminological theory to a data set. Building on this skill, in the spring course, students must write a major research essay.

Participating in WIT since 2012; 
Grant Valentine

Through WIT, these courses now give students formative feedback on their writing assignments by requiring drafts, which TAs respond to and evaluate. In addition, the course TAs and instructors from the Woodsworth College Writing Centre work with students in tutorial sessions to help them develop their writing throughout the term

Criminology Courses that have participated in WIT:

  • WDW205H

  • WDW210H