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Through WIT, anthropology has transformed its large (over 1200 students), first-year course, ANT100, into a writing-intensive course that introduces first-year students to academic research and writing through a three-phase scaffolded assignment. WIT also provides training in writing instruction to the TAs, many of whom are first-year MA students with no previous teaching experience.

Participating in WIT since 2009
LWTA Sue Beckwith 

 ANT100 TAs now receive training and support on how to:

  • give students formative feedback that will help them improve their research and writing;
  • understand and use grading rubrics to ensure more consistent grading;
  • conduct effective one-on-one writing conferences with students ;
  • integrate writing into tutorials to teach students course concepts;
  • prepare students for writing assignments.

 WIT involvement in the design of ANT100 includes the following:

  • the selection and development of the essay questions to ensure they are appropriate for first-year students.
  • developing writing resources for students unfamiliar with essay writing at the university level.
  • facilitating benchmarking sessions for the TAs emphasizing formative and summative feedback.

 ANT Courses that have participated in WIT:

  • ANT100Y
  • ANT200Y
  • ANT207H