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Key Documents for units participating in WIT

    • WIT Description(PDF) outlines the roles and responsibilities of the various WIT participants including departments, the WIT Coordinator, WIT Contacts (normally associate chairs, undergraduate studies), Course Instructors, Lead Writing TAs (LWTAs), and course TAs.  
  • Instructors
    • Guide for Instructors of WIT courses(PDF) describes how the WIT Coordinator and your LWTA can support writing instruction in your course and the kind of communication you can expect to have with both throughout your course.
      : This document was originally developed by LWTA Alex Motut, Department of Linguistics and adapted by the WIT Coordinator.

  • Lead Writing TAs (LWTAs)
  • TAs in WIT Courses
    • The Description of Duties and Allocation of Hours Form Sample(PDF) is a sample DDAH form for TAs working in WIT courses. Be sure to include any specific duties related to WIT such as training, benchmarking, additional marking, writing tutorials, or office hours for meeting with students to discuss writing assignments.

    • The Sample Course TA Budget(XLS) shows a typical allocation of WIT hours for course TAs.
      : WIT TA hours must go specifically to writing instruction, including receiving training in writing instruction, responding to and evaluating student writing, facilitating group writing tutorials or workshops, meeting with students to discuss writing assignments, etc.