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Academic Integrity Resources

Resources are available to University of Toronto students who want to avoid committing academic offences, those who want to learn more about the academic judicial process, and/or those who are currently facing allegations of an academic offence.

The Code

The University of Toronto Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters.

OSAI Print Materials

The OSAI Postcard (PDF).

Posters from OSAI outreach campaigns, in PDF format:

Videos About Academic Integrity

2012 Shorts

Conceived, written and produced by students at Innis College.

International Center for Academic Integrity (ICAI)

“ICAI provides a forum to identify, affirm, and promote the values of academic integrity among students, faculty, teachers and administrators. Affiliated with Clemson University in South Carolina, the Center provides educational resources, discussion forums, and a variety of links to other organizations concerned with ethics and education.

The University of Toronto supports the Fundamental Values of Academic Integrity published by ICAI.

Academic Integrity: Student Rights and Responsibilities Series [PDF]

Prepared by the Office of the Vice-Provost, this document clarifies and summarizes the information presented in the Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters. It answers some frequently asked questions about academic misconduct offences and the resolution of cases, including some sample cases. The document also provides useful contact information for students facing allegations of academic misconduct or wishing to appeal administrative decisions about their case.

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