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E-mail Follow-up for Unresponsive Student

You can use the following template e-mail when a student invited to an instructor/student meeting fails to respond or appear. In accordance with the University’s Policy on Official Correspondence with Students, e-mail correspondence should be sent to a student’s utoronto.ca address.

Dear [Student],

You have not responded to my [Date] e-mail in which I invited you to meet with me to discuss concerns I have with [E.g. “your use of sources in the paper”] for [Course].

I am giving you one more opportunity to meet with me on [Date]. If I do not hear from you by [Deadline], I will forward your case to the Office of Student Academic Integrity (OSAI) for resolution via the department Chair (or Chair’s designate) according to the procedures specified in the Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters (http://www.artsci.utoronto.ca/osai/code).

Please note that you may not withdraw from the course. If you do or have already done so, you will be reinstated in the course and be responsible for any work missed.

If you have questions or concerns about this matter, please contact your College Registrar for advice (see http://www.artsci.utoronto.ca/osai/students/get-help).

I look forward to hearing from you by [Deadline].


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