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Report Allegations

Reporting Allegations to the Department Chair

All allegations of academic misconduct must be reported to the department Chair (or the faculty member responsible for academic misconduct in the department or program). The file should include:

  • (an allegation submission form is available to simplify providing the following):
    • Student’s full name and student number.
    • Course name, number, and academic session.
    • Value of the work in question (i.e., percentage of the final course grade).
    • Assignment due date and date submitted;
    • Instructor’s contact information (phone and U of T e-mail), as well as those of other involved parties (e.g., course TAs, exam invigilators, etc.);
  • Student’s other course marks to date, including the course marking scheme;
  • Description of the alleged academic offence, including the date and a summary of the student meeting. If there is any other information of which OSAI should be aware, please include it in the report.
  • The original piece of work or document in question. If the student requests it, he or she may be given a copy of that material;
  • Other course-relevant information such as:
    • the course syllabus;
    • the assignment topic sheet and guidelines;
    • handouts or slides about plagiarism that were given or shown to students;
    • samples of the student’s other work;
    • any communication to or from the student regarding the allegation.
  • Documentation: whatever documentation and evidence you collected which supports your allegation that an offence has occurred.
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