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Resolving Academic Misconduct Allegations

At the University of Toronto, academic offences can be resolved at the departmental, divisional or tribunal levels depending on the value of the assignment, the seriousness of the offence, and whether the student admits to committing the offence.

Instructors may not resolve allegations of misconduct themselves, but must refer them to their department chair/program director (or their designates).

For every allegation, identify and document the alleged offence, then:

  1. Meet with the student (except in cases involving Faculty final exams) before assessing how to proceed.
    • Weigh explanations for alleged offences carefully when assessing whether an offence has occurred. “Not knowing” is not an excuse!
    • Remind students that they are not allowed to drop a course when an allegation is under investigation or after a sanction has been imposed.
  2. Report all cases to the department Chair (or designate) for resolution or forwarding to OSAI (a form is available). Instructors may not impose a penalty for an offence.

Remember: failure to pursue or report an academic offence may itself be considered an offence under the Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters (see Sections B.i.2 or B.ii.1).

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