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Faculty are key components in the promotion and preservation of academic integrity at U of T. These members of the University community can aid with a culture of academic integrity through prevention, awareness and reporting.

The central U of T Academic Integrity website offers some Smart Strategies for Faculty (as well as students) on prevention of academic misconduct, such as Classroom strategies and Course and assignment design. An example of Faculty awareness comes in the form of consistent policies and invigilation around test and exam writing. Again, the Smart Strategies section of the U of T Academic Integrity website could be consulted as a resource, specifically for guidance on Invigilation.

Lastly, when Faculty take the time to report a suspicion of academic misconduct to students it actually can be a positive service to them. Students may be in that situation for a variety of reasons, but ultimately benefit from the conversation to be had about their alleged misconduct.

If or when the report is forwarded to the Student Academic Integrity Team, the discussion with the Dean’s Designate is often an illuminating experience for the student, allowing them to learn from their errors and move forward with a better understanding on the importance of academic integrity.

If a Faculty member suspects that a student has engaged in academic misconduct in their course, there is a process that should be followed starting with the professor inviting the student in for a discussion. Faculty may seek general guidance on this process (and potential forwarding of cases) at the U of T Academic Integrity site under What to do if you suspect an offence. For more practical information regarding academic misconduct and related processes, Faculty are encouraged to peruse the Faculty of Arts & Science Faculty and Staff site.

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