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Your New Home

Your campus is right at the heart of an amazing place to live and learn. Use the U of T Map to help you discover the campus. Here are a few iconic spaces and student favourites that will make your experience exceptional. 

Study Haven
Hart House Library is a quiet, cozy place to study with beautiful window seats that are flooded with natural light.
Study haven.jpg
Indoor Escape
It’s pouring outside but you’re craving some time in nature. Grab a coffee and relax at the Bamboo Garden in the Donnelly Centre. 
Indoor Escape.jpg
Quad Goals?
They say the grassy quad is the centre of life on campus. Here, you have many dreamy green spaces to read, hang out and relax.

Quad Goals.jpg
Go Blues
Take a break from the books to cheer on your classmates and other world-class athletes at Varsity Stadium. 
Go Blues.jpg
Room with a View
Graham Library has that quintessential library smell, fireplaces, couches and cubicles. Bonus: It overlooks the spectacular Munk School Garden. 
Room with a view.jpg
Hub for Everything
There are many reasons to visit Sidney Smith Hall… for class, a study group, fundraising for your club or for information sessions run throughout the year.
Hub for everything.jpg


Start exploring: map.utoronto.ca