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Your Responsibilities

It's crucial to know your responsibilities.  The first one is that you are responsible for knowing the rules.  Read the Calendar section of "Rules and Regulations."  You may not remember it all, but at least you'll know where to look when you need to.

Choosing Courses

Take charge of your own education!  Read through the materials:  the Calendar gives the full details.  You might also want to consult departmental or programs websites where they often provide even more details and advice.

Be sure to enrol in courses during your selection window on July 27, 2017 and pay your fees by August 30, 2017 to ensure that you are registered.

Following the Calendar

It's your responsibility to ensure that you are satisfying all the requirements for a degree.  Pick up a copy of the Calendar and be sure to familiarize yourself with those requirements.  If you have questions, ask your college registrar.

Attending Class

No one is taking attendance but that doesn't mean you don't have to go to class.  If you are ill and unable to attend a class, you may be able to get notes from another student, but it is always better to be there in person. You will hear directly from some of the best scholars in the world. 

If your course has tutorials, make the most of them too; the teaching assistants (TAs) are there to help you.

Seeking Help

Students in Arts and Science have many sources of help available, but you always know where you can start - at your college registrar's office.  By email, phone, or in person you can contact your college registrar to explain your situation or ask for information or advice.  Departments have advisors for questions about programs and courses, your TAs and your instructors can respond about issues in a course and can often point you to good sources of help, and the University has a wide array of services that you can access directly.  Help is available when you need it.

Handing in Assignments

One of the most challenging aspects of adapting to university is knowing how to organize and take responsibility for your studies.  No one will remind you about a late assignment or ensure you've done your readings.

Work hard and use your time well so you don't find yourself tempted by shortcuts you will regret.  If you are in a desperate situation, get some advice from your instructor or college registrar.