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Transfer Credit

Transfer Credit for High School Courses

Information on the transfer credit you should expect to receive for Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, General Certificate of Education, French Baccalaureate, and Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations can be found on the Enrolment Services website.

Transfer credit will be awarded after your final examination results have been received by the Enrolment Services office.

No more than three full credits will be accredited towards your degree here for Advanced Placement examinations or the French Baccalaureate program.

You may choose to accept or forfeit these credits.  Advice for the use and forfeit of high school transfer credits can be found on the current students website. If you wish to decline or forfeit any of the credits, you must consult your college registrar's office. The option to forfeit is only available to students who have not attended another post-secondary institution.


Transfer Credit for Post-Secondary Courses

Assessments of post-secondary transfer credits are done by the Transfer Credit Office after the application is made and all outstanding documents are received.  To get a sense of what transfer credits may be assessed, visit the Transfer Explorer.

A student who receives transfer credit for a half-credit course from studies completed elsewhere and who is excluded from the comparable full year credit course offered by the Faculty of Arts & Science may forfeit the half credit, in order to pursue the full year credit for degree credit. Reinstatement of the half credit forfeit occurs only in the event a student cancels enrolment in the full year credit.