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TCard and UTmail+

All U of T students are provided with a campus email address through the UTmail+ service. 

Setting up a UTmail+ account is mandatory for all University of Toronto students.  The Office of the Faculty Registrar, the colleges, and departments send important messages regarding fees, exams, session dates, and other critical information via your UTmail+ account.  It's important to check it often.  Your UTmail+ account also gives you access to the Information Commons, the library, and the internet.

Setting up your UTmail+ Account

Step One:  Obtain a TCard.
  • The TCard is your permanent University of Toronto Student Card. It has your digitized photo and signature, a smart chip and a magnetic stripe on the back of the card. It provides student identification for academic purposes, student activities and services, and access control to campus  libraries and campus buildings. The TCard also provides users the option to carry cash value in the computer chip, allowing the card to be used to purchase services at select locations on campus.
  • To get your TCard, go to room 2054A, Robarts Library, 130 St. George Street.
  • Bring your offer of admission letter and proof of citizenship.
  • For more information and for hours of operation please see the TCard website.


Step Two:  Activate your University of Toronto (UTmail+) email account.

  • Once you receive your TCard, you will get your activation code for your UTmail+ account.
  • Activate your UTmail+ account using your UTORid and activation code.
  • If you already have an email account, you can simply have your UTmail+ messages forwarded to that account.


Step Three: Update your ACORN account with your UTmail+ address