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Meal Plans

mealplan.jpgEach of the cafeterias on campus offers a multitude of choices to awaken your taste buds. With vegetarian options at all cafeterias and vegan options available at some, we’ve got your meals covered.  You can personalize your meal plans to suit your appetite, whether you eat a little or a lot.

Meal plans are mandatory for all residences except Innis College and Woodsworth College, which have full kitchens in each apartment suite.

Most dormitory-style residences also provide kitchenettes for residents to store food and prepare snacks. Students living in a residence without a mandatory meal plan or commuter students may choose to purchase a commuter meal plan by filling out the meal plan form at the back of the Dining Membership Brochure available at all cafeteria locations or can purchase meal plans online. There are several commuter meal plans available that cater to students in all circumstances.

If you have special dietary concerns, be sure to contact your college’s residence office to see if you can be accommodated.

Food Services Information by College

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