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Financial Assistance

Admission Scholarships

If you have been awarded a scholarship upon admission to U of T, it will be paid directly towards your tuition upon registration.  If the amount of your scholarship is greater than your minimum payment to register (60% of your total tuition), you are eligible for a fee deferral

If the amount of your scholarship is less than your minimum payment to register, simply deduct the amount of your scholarship when making your tuition payment.

In-course Scholarships and Awards

There are thousands of in-course awards for students based on your performance in your program of study at the University of Toronto. Most scholarships are awarded automatically, on the basis of cumulative grade point average (CGPA).

International Financial Aid and Awards

There are a few international options for financial aid and awards, but it is expected that international students will have sufficient funds to cover all expenses.  If, due to unexpected circumstances, you find yourself in financial difficulty you should contact your college registrar's office to find out if you are eligible to apply for an emergency bursary.