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Setting Your Timetable

First-year students are admitted to a general area of study such as Humanities or Life Sciences or Commerce.  Typically students do not enrol in a specific program of study (a subject POSt), such as a specialist in English or major in Computer Science, until the end of first year or once you have completed a total of four full course equivalents (FCEs).

Take some time to read through the Welcome Guide, the Calendar and the U of T Course Finder and make a list of any programs that sound interesting.  Read the Program Information to determine what first year courses you'll need to declare each program.

When you choose your first-year courses you should be able to obtain the prerequisites for more than one program in second year - this will give you lots of options as you may want to change your mind or direction.

First year is also a good time to think about satisfying the Breadth Requirement.  Courses belong to one of five categories, divided by subject area.  All students entering in 2017 must take at least four full credits from across the five subject categories. Consult the Degree Requirements for the categories.