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Writing and Rhetoric

Writing and Rhetoric courses teach students that reading and thinking critically are essential to developing powerful writing skills. One of the tenets of the Writing and Rhetoric Program is that problem-solving and creative, persuasive, and effective writing depend on the ability to analyze discourse critically.



  • Writing and Rhetoric (minor)


First-Year Courses

  • INI 103H - Writing Essays
  • INI 104H - Writing Reports


Advice for First Year

Students who are interested in studying writing and rhetoric should take INI 103H1 and/or INI 104H1 in first year. Students should also consider taking TRN 190Y1 – Critical Reading and Critical Writing, and/or ENG 110Y1 - Narrative. How can students use the Writing and Rhetoric minor? Combine it with another major or specialist program to demonstrate communication skills.


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