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Sexual Diversity Studies

The Sexual Diversity Studies program affords students the chance to develop an interdisciplinary focus on how sexuality is understood and represented in cultural, political, legal, social, and religious contexts.

Among these contexts are how we frame and categorize sexual differences, why we fear some and celebrate others, how medical, religious, and political authorities respond to them. What is the nature of sexual identity and orientation? How and why is sexuality labeled as lesbian, heterosexual, perverse, normal, gay, or queer? How do cultures at different times and places divide the sexual from the non-sexual?



  • Sexual Diversity Studies (specialist, major, and minor options)


First-Year Courses

The Sexual Diversity Studies program does not offer any courses at the first-year level. The foundation courses for the Sexual Diversity Studies program are UNI 255H1 – History and Perspectives in Sexual Diversity and UNI 256H1 – Sexualities: Social, Organizational, and Legal Contexts, offered at the second-year level and open to first-year students.


Advice for First Year

Given the interdisciplinary nature of the program, a broad assortment of first-year courses would provide helpful background, such as introductory courses in anthropology, sociology, English, philosophy or women and gender studies. Students can also opt to take the UC One “Sex and the City” course as general preparation.


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