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Semiotics and Communication Studies

Semiotics is the science of communication and sign systems. Semiotics looks at the ways people understand phenomena and organize them mentally, and the subsequent ways in which they create means of transmitting that understanding with others. Although natural and artificial languages are therefore central to semiotics, the field covers all non-verbal signaling and beyond. Knowledge, meaning, intention and action are thus fundamental concepts in semiotics. By virtue of the interdisciplinary nature of semiotics, in the Semiotics and Communication Studies programs students will study core courses at Victoria College, with a chance to incorporate further studies in areas such as anthropology, literature and critical theory, philosophy, media, history, etc.



  • Semiotics and Communication Studies (minor option only)


First-Year Courses

  • No first-year courses are offered in Semiotics and Communication Studies


Advice for First Year

A minor in Semiotics and Communication Studies requires one full credit of the following first year courses: ANT100Y1 – Introduction to Anthropology, LIN100Y1 – Introduction to General Linguistics, PHL100Y1 – Introduction to Philosophy, or SOC 101Y1 – Introduction to Sociology, SOC102H1 - Introduction to Sociology Social Inequalities, SOC103H1 - Introduction to Sociology Social Institutions and Processes or one credit from the Vic One program.  Successful completion with a grade that meets the requirement outlined in the Arts & Science Calendar is required for entry into the program.


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