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Music courses offered through the Faculty of Arts & Science are open to any student of the university and offer stimulating explorations of the world of music. The specialist program provides excellent preparation for graduate studies in musicology or ethnomusicology, or for a variety of professional activities in music-related fields. These programs lead to the degree of Bachelor of Arts. For programs leading to the degree of Bachelor of Music, consult the calendar of the Faculty of Music.



  • Music (specialist and major options)
  • Music with Ensemble Option (specialist and major options)
  • Music History and Culture (minor)


First-Year Courses

  • MUS 110H1 - Introduction to Music History and Culture
  • MUS 111H1 - Historical Survey of Western Music
  • MUS 120Y1 - Vocal & Instrumental Ensemble I (requires departmental permission)
  • HMU 111H1 - Introduction to Music and Society (requires departmental permission)
  • TMU 115H1 - Musical Skills I & II (requires departmental permission)
  • TMU 140Y1 - Music Theory I & II (requires departmental permission)


Advice for First Year

Students wanting to enter the specialist OR major program must successfully complete an audition before term starts. Students in the specialist and major programs must have considerable prior training in music and will take HMU111H1, TMU115H1, and TMU140Y1. Students must also audition to take MUS 120Y1, which is for those wanting to do the ensemble option. Students doing the minor program must take MUS 110H1 and MUS 111H1, which are offered in alternate years.


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