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Molecular Genetics and Microbiology

Molecular Genetics and Microbiology examines the molecular basis of genetics, the study of heredity, and of microbiology, which is the study of bacteria and viruses. Developments in genetics and microbiology have contributed greatly to our understanding of the fundamental processes of life as well as to the treatment of genetic and infectious diseases. Students can focus on either genetics or microbiology while studying the basic science of both disciplines.



  • Molecular Genetics and Microbiology (specialist and major options)


First-Year Courses

  • The Department of Molecular Genetics does not offer any courses at the first-year level


Advice for First Year

Students who are interested in studying molecular genetics and microbiology should take first-year biology: BIO 120H – Adaptation and Biodiversity and BIO 130H – Molecular and Cell Biology, first-year chemistry: CHM 135H1 – Chemistry: Physical Principles and CHM 136H1 – Introductory Organic Chemistry I (two half-courses) or CHM 151Y1 – Chemistry: The Molecular Science and first year calculus. The specialist program also requires first year physics: PHY 131H1 and PHY 132H1 – Introduction to Physics (two half-courses).


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