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Materials Science

Materials Science is the study of the structure, properties and applications of all types of materials including metals, ceramics, glasses and polymers. The program draws on the basic sciences of chemistry and physics and on more applied subjects such as metallurgy, ceramics and polymer science. The program is jointly offered by the Faculty of Arts & Science and the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering.

Please note that this is not the undergraduate program in engineering and cannot be used as a pre-requisite into the MSE engineering program. For additional information regarding the Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) in Materials Engineering, please visit the Materials Science and Engineering Website.



  • Materials Science (specialist)


First-Year Courses

  • MSE 101H – Introduction to Materials Science, taken in second year


Advice for First Year

Students interested in studying materials science must take

  • BIO 120H1 – Adaptation and Biodiversity and BIO 130H1 – Molecular and Cell Biology (two half-courses)
  • CHM 151Y1 – Chemistry: The Molecular Science or CHM 135H1 – Chemistry: Physical Principles and CHM 136H1 – Introductory Organic Chemistry I (two half-courses)
  • MAT 135H1 and MAT 136H1 – Calculus 1 (two half-courses or MAT 137Y1 – Calculus)
  • PHY 131H1 and PHY 132H1 – Introduction to Physics (two half-courses), or PHY 151H1 and PHY 152H1 – Foundations of Physics (two half-courses).


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