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Material Culture

What does it mean to live in a “material world”?  In an increasingly consumer-oriented, globalized and digital age, how do objects express the longstanding beliefs and values of different societies?  The minor program aims to engage students in the study of material culture (tangible things, broadly defined); support research projects which originate with studies of artefacts; and foster trans-disciplinary and inter-institutional dialogues between students, scholars, stewards and purveyors of material culture -within the university and at a range of cultural agencies. Students will work with curators and other professionals to analyze the social and cultural relevance of objects as part of understanding of a culture or society



  • Material Culture (minor)


Advice for the First Year

A minor in Material Culture requires one full credit of the following first year courses: ANT100Y1 – Introduction to Anthropology, any first year course in History,  FAH101H1 – Monuments Art History,  SOC101Y – Introduction to Sociology, SOC102H1 - Introduction to Sociology Social Inequalities, SOC103H1 - Introduction to Sociology Social Institutions and Processes or one credit from the Vic One program.  Successful completion with a grade that meets the requirement outlined in the Arts & Science Calendar is required for entry into the program.


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