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Latin American Studies

Latin American Studies is for students in the social sciences and humanities who seek a deeper understanding of the Latin American regions, their histories, cultures, and societies. Courses encourage students to situate their special interests in fields such as anthropology, political science, geography, history, or sociology within a broader interdisciplinary framework, while at the same time committing themselves to an emphasis upon the languages, and the historical and cultural experiences of Spanish and Portuguese America.



  • Latin American Studies (major and minor options)


First-Year Courses

  • SPA 100Y1 - Beginners Spanish (see Spanish for details)
  • PRT 100Y1 - Beginners Portuguese or PRT 110Y (see Portuguese for details)


Advice for First Year

The Latin American Studies (LAS) major program requires two years of Spanish or Portuguese, or demonstrable equivalent proficiency. The beginners' language courses are waived for students with Grade 12 Spanish or Portuguese, or with demonstrable equivalent proficiency in either language. For the LAS minor, language study is recommended, but not a requirement. The foundation courses for Latin American Studies (for major and minor options) are LAS 200 H1 and LAS 201 H1, courses on Latin American History, Culture, and Civilization, offered at the second year level, and open to first-year students.


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