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Every political institution, social value and economic custom is the result of past change and is simultaneously being transformed. To understand our own society and the forces for change propelling it towards an uncertain future, it is therefore necessary to understand something of the past. The department offers courses at most levels in American, Asian, African, Latin American, British, Canadian, Caribbean, East European, Russian, European, colonialism, post-colonialism and trans-nationalism, international relations, women and gender, and medieval history.



  • History (specialist, major and minor options)


First-Year Courses

  • HIS100Y1 – History of the Arctic
  • HIS 101Y1 - Histories of Violence
  • HIS 102Y1 - Empires, Encounters and Exchanges:  From the Silk Road to the Present
  • HIS 103Y1 - Statecraft & Strategy: An Introduction to the History of International Relations
  • HIS 106Y1 - Natives, Settlers, and Conquistadors: Colonizing the Americas, 1492-1776
  • HIS 107Y1 - Approaches to East Asian History
  • HIS 109Y1 - The Development of European Civilization, 1350-1945

(Not all courses are offered every year)


Advice for First-Year

A first-year History course is a prerequisite for enrolment in history specialist and major programs so students should take one during their first year if they are interested in studying history. Note that students are only permitted to count one first-year History course toward their degree. Students intending to specialize in history should also take at least one second-year History course in their first-year.


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