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European Studies

The European Studies program focuses on the study of Europe and particularly, the community known as the European Union, the largest and strongest trading bloc in the contemporary world. Students in the program acquire a fluency in one of the major official languages of the European Union and study the politics and economics of the region.



  • European Studies (major)
  • European Union Studies (minor)


First-Year Courses

  • There are no courses offered by the European Studies program in first year


Advice for First Year

Students interested in the European Studies major program should take an introductory language course from one of Czech, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Modern Greek, Portuguese, Russian, Czech, Polish, Ukrainian, Macedonian, Serbian, Croatian, or Spanish.

Students interested in the European Union Studies minor program should take one of HIS103Y1 – Statecraft and Strategy, HIS 104Y1 – Ten Days that Shook the World, HIS 109Y1 – The Development of European Civilization, or any first-year political science course.


New Courses

Starting in Fall 2016, the European Studies Program launched a new program in Hellenic Studies. Students can now take Modern Greek Language at the first, second and third year levels (courses listed under EUR in the timetable), Contemporary Greek Politics in the Political Science Department at the 300-leveland a 4th year seminar in the European Studies Program that studies Greece, the Balkans and the European Union.


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