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School of the Environment

The School of the Environment offers a variety of environmental programs, some in collaboration with related departments. These programs emphasize the interdisciplinary skills necessary to understand and solve environmental issues and problems, and incorporate knowledge from scientific, political, social, and ethical perspectives. Our programs prepare students for a wide range of graduate school and career opportunities, and enable students to make a positive difference in their work and in their lives.

The School of the Environment offers programs leading to both Hon. BA and Hon. BSc degrees and information is provided on all programs and courses both on our website and in the UofT Faculty of Arts and Science calendar.


Core Programs

  • Environmental Studies BA (major and minor options)
  • Environmental Science BSc (major and minor options)

Collaborative Programs

    • Environmental Chemistry BSc (specialist and minor options)
    • Environmental Ethics BA (major and minor options)
    • Environmental Geosciences BSc (specialist)
    • Environment and Behaviour BSc (minor)
    • Environment and Energy BSc (minor)
    • Environment and Health BSc (specialist and major options)
    • Environment and Toxicology BSc (specialist)

    Directed Minors

    • Environmental Anthropology BA (minor)
    • Environmental Biology BSc (minor)
    • Environmental Chemistry BSc (minor)
    • Environmental Economics BA (minor)
    • Environmental Geography BA (minor)
    • Geographic Information Systems BA (minor)
    • Physical and Environmental Geography BSc (minor)


    First-Year Courses

    The School of the Environment offers a popular first year social science course, ENV 100H1 - Introduction to Environmental Studies. The foundation course for the School's BA and BSc programs is ENV 221H1 - Multidisciplinary Perspectives on the Environment, offered at the second-year level along with courses specific to each program. ENV 200H1 - Assessing Global Change: Science and the Environment may also be taken by any first year student interested in a scientific perspective on global environmental change.


    Advice for First Year

    If you are interested in taking a BA environmental program, there are no required first year courses, but ENV 100H1 and ENV 200H1 are recommended preparation. The latter is a requirement of the Environmental Studies major and minor, also counts as a breadth course, and can be taken by first year students. If you are interested in taking a BSc environmental program, you will need to take the first year science course or courses required. The first year science course requirements vary from program to program.


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